Karen Spicer & Debra Murray

Karen is the founder of Pensacola Organizing.

I have always been obsessed with organizing. I love the peace and harmony that it brings to my home and my life.

I want to share my skills and experience to help others create organized spaces that work for their lifestyles.

In today’s hectic world we struggle with balancing our busy schedules, children, and households. We find it difficult to get organized, much less stay organized.  My goal is to help with workable solutions for creating more time, space, and function to enable more freedom to do the things you love.

Together we will accomplish this by allowing you to gain control of your work and home by setting up workable solutions to maintain control over your life and your space.

We look forward to helping you
with your organizing goals!


Pensacola Organizing is a professional organizing business serving Pensacola and the surrounding areas.

Pensacola Organizing was created out of our passion and love for organizing and helping others reach their organizing goals.

Our goal is to bring peace and harmony to your space by making space for all the things that make you happy.

We can work one on one with you or do all the work for you.


A Professional Organizer is someone who provides information, products, and support to individuals, families, and business, assisting them in creating a simpler more efficient work or living space.

 Many things affect the cost, space size, type of disorganization, how soon the client is looking to accomplish the changes and many other things affect the cost.  We also consider the clients budget.  We can go over this during our initial free consultation.


 The minimum session is three (3) hours.  You will be surprised how much can be accomplished in a short period of time.  Each project is different and is dependent on the goals and needs of the individual as well as their ability to make decisions, budget and time frame.


No, it definitely is not.  You may identify items you are willing to part with, but it is about discovering what’s important to you and finding ways to make a new system work for you.

As a Professional Organizer, we will provide you with helpful tips during the process and easy steps for you to follow in order to maintain the newly organized space.  We can also schedule quarterly visits to help you stay on track.


 Absolutely, your stuff is your business and we do not share any information..  That is one reason we do not share before and after pictures on our website.


Karen Spicer - Debra Murray

Pensacola Organizing


SINGLE SESSIONS (3 Hours) $120 Per Hour - $360

Package Pricing:

(12 Hours) - 4 Sessions (10% off) $1440 Save $144 - $1296

(24 Hours) - 8 Sessions (15% off) $2880 Save $432 - $2448

(36 Hours) - 12 Sessions (20% off) $4320 Save $864 - $3456

Clients can expect to receive all of the following included in their session price.

Hours your pro organizers spend in your home, plus:

  • 60-minute complimentary in-home consultation to discuss the details of your project
  • Any additional time spent shopping for needed supplies
  • Additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions
  • Communication with you by phone or email up to two weeks after the session
  • Arranging appointments with other service providers
  • Taking items to consignment
  • Hauling trash or donation items after your session

Karen and Debra collaborate with clients in many ways. Some clients are involved throughout the entire organization process and others request that Karen and her team coordinate and complete the project for them.

The only regret you will have is not calling our Pensacola Organizing team sooner!



Karen Spicer & Debra Murray



Call, text, or email me, or submit the form below and I’ll be in touch to discuss your goals. You have the option to arrange a one hour consultation where I observe and assess while asking questions and listening to you.